Free Data Models

I’m beginning my return to writing and presenting on SOA, etc., but I’ve been stuck for ideas. The biggest problem is that I had no real business context for talking about business processes or an end-to-end solution. I needed something that would enable me to talk about technical topics but show how you could meet a business need. I mentioned this to my friend Rama Uppugunduri at CIBER, and he provided me with the following URLs that show good sample data models for several business domains:

All of the above are good, but I liked Database Answers the best not only because of the sheer quantity (600+) of data models, but also because they’re relevant (Customers, CRM, banking. etc.). I spoke with Barry Williams (the site owner) and not only is he helpful, but he’s also very cooperative.

In future posts, I’ll be using the data (and associated business domain) from Database Answers as the business context (loan approval, credit authorization) for all my upcoming  working examples on SOA, ESB, Web Services, Rules Engines, etc.


2 Responses to Free Data Models

  1. I will cerainly be interested in following your Blog.

    • Tom Marrs says:

      It’s been a few years, but thanks for following me.
      I’ll be using some of the examples from in my upcoming books.


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